Your VA Benefits

using the educational benefits you earned

We Make Your VA Benefits Simple

At Union, we realize that navigating the education benefits available for veterans can be a challenging process. That’s why we connect you with your state veteran’s representative to personally assist you in navigating the benefits system you have earned by serving in the armed forces. The Department of Veterans Affairs also offers a wealth of information and in addition each state has a veteran’s affairs office as well.

Step 1: Apply for your VA benefits
  • Apply for your Veteran’s education benefits on line at
  • If you have never used your GI Bill® benefits before, apply using Form 22-1990.
  • If you have used your GI Bill® before, complete Form 22-1995 – Request for Change of Program or Place of Training
  • After submitting the form electronically, you will get a confirmation message. You can print this for your records.
  • You will get a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), or award letter, in the mail if your application is approved. If your application was not approved you will get a denial letter.
  • It takes an average of 30 days for the VA to process your application.
Step 2: Send Your Documentation to UI&U
  • Scan a copy of your DD-214 and Certificate of Eligibility (for discharged veterans) to the School Certifying Official at
  • If you are an Active Duty, Reservists or National Guard, submit a copy of your most current Last Earning Statement.
  • UI&U will process enrollment certification after verifying eligibility information and registration for the current term
    Note: Only the Veterans Administration can determine your benefits eligibility.
Certification Request Form

Before we can certify you for VA benefits, you must complete the UI&U Certification Request Form. This form is available under eForms on Campus Web. You must complete and submit this form one month prior to beginning of each term and will be processed in the order they are received. You must submit a new form every term you are utilizing your VA benefits. If you need to make changes to the form after submission, contact the School Certifying Official at

UI&U School Certifying Officials for VA Educational Benefits

Angela Byles

Direct: 954.284.2108

Jay Keehn

Direct: 954.284.2108

Point of Contacts at Academic Centers

Cincinnati, OH

Lew Rita Moore
1-800-486-6400 x 1105

Los Angeles, CA

Ami Bryant
Direct: 310-692-2147, ext. 1707

Sacramento, CA

Paola Murillo
Direct: 916.692.7832 I 800.861.6400, ext. 1509