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The Veterans in Union Mission

To recruit, retain, support, graduate and employ our Veterans without the need for you to seek
student loans or additional funding that will impede your efforts to transition to civilian life

An Unmatched

Veterans program

At Union Institute & University, we provide the best educational value for our heroes. We are proud to be a Yellow Ribbon university, offering the best education opportunities for our Active Military and Veterans. Whether you are looking to start a career or rise through the civilian ranks, we are here for you every step of the way.

Supporting Your Educational Goals

We strive to provide every Veteran with a positive and rich environment for advancing their education. We understand the unique needs of our Veteran students and the balance between school and civilian life. That’s why we provide exceptional one-to-one guidance and various financial services just for you.

Find Your Path

Union’s veterans come from all backgrounds. No matter your circumstances,
we give you the freedom to do your classwork when it’s convenient for you.

Hear from Our Veterans

Our current students recall why they chose Union

Rhia Batson
Military Student Liasion

We are here to help

We look forward to connecting with you to showcase our innovative Veterans in Union scholarship program, and help maximize your service-related educational benefits, grants, and stipends.

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